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Apple baute früher Kameras!?

Abgesehen davon, dass ich keine Ahnung von Fotografie-Hardware habe und die Kameras technologisch nicht einordnen kann, muss ich sagen, dass ich doch überrascht bin, was Apple früher alles gemacht hat und auch wieder beenden musste, weils kein Schwein haben wollte.

At this time the iPhone is the most popular camera on Flickr, and it may be the most popular camera in the world. But Apple wasn’t always a huge success in photography. Starting back in 1994 Apple released the first line of digital cameras aimed at consumers, and failed miserably at gaining brand recognition or marketshare.


Apple sold the QuickTake 200 for about a year before Steve Jobs discontinued the QuickTake line of cameras in an effort to streamline operations and focus all the company’s resources on reviving the waning Macintosh.

In many ways the QuickTake camera is like the Newton MessagePad. A product released before its time, that would invent an industry, and ultimately die at the hands of Steve Jobs before being reborn as an essential technology in Apple’s modern day success.
Thomas Brand, Egg Freckles

"die at the hands of" und "reborn" sollte man aber einfach durch weniger glorifizierende Worte ersetzen.


Apple baute früher Kameras!?
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