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Migrating a private repository from GitHub to Bitbucket

Today my GitHub student coupon expires, which gave me the Micro plan for free for two years.

Everything I use private repositories for, currently, is storing my bachelors thesis and occasionally collaborating with a friend.

Bitbucket offers unlimited private repositories with up to five collaborators for free, without applying for a student coupon. So that's exactly what I need right now.

To migrate my private repositories from GitHub to Bitbucket, I used the GitHub Importer Page on Bitbucket.

To migrate all my Issues I had in the GitHub repository, I used the great gem git2bit. Pro-tip: use a Personal Access Token to authenticate the gem with your GitHub Account, unfortunately Bitbucket does not have these currently.

Update 25.11.2013

After applying for two additional years of student discount, GitHub immediately granted my request.
Blimey, I did not leave an empty private repo there to watch what happens with it in the time I could not have had private repositories.