A personal journal about bits & pieces of technology.


Hi there!

I am a doctoral student in Computer Science living in the most beautiful region of Southern Germany.
In my spare time I am competitively sailing in the J/70 class and more casually in smaller classes.

My research interests include database technology, data analysis and visualization, as well as natural and programming languages. I did my bachelor thesis in the field of visual analytics and my master thesis in researching database storage technologies.

This is my personal blog. I'm using this blog more or less as some kind of public journal, where I write my thoughts, interesting findings, post pictures or generally stuff I want to go back to in 5 years and feel embarassed about.
I'm trying to write more technical posts while I am programming my stuff and finding solutions to problems.
There will possibly be some personal ones, too.

Feel free to contact me if you want to chat about technical stuff regarding my research or have comments about the site.
Please keep your mails to yourself, if you want me to publish your spammy content or want to do some other kind of SEO bs (trust me, I know your tricks). This blog is for fun and information, after all.