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Location-aware Functional Keys

The problem The problem with the Apple Media Keys is that they hide the standard function keys. This is great for media consumption, as I can adjust the display brightness or sound volume with just one hand. However in Eclipse, the current IDE I spend most of my working hours in, the F-keys are mapped to often used actions, such as debug stepping and running code.

Migrating a private repository from GitHub to Bitbucket

Today my GitHub student coupon expires, which gave me the Micro plan for free for two years. Everything I use private repositories for, currently, is storing my bachelors thesis and occasionally collaborating with a friend. Bitbucket offers unlimited private repositories with up to five collaborators for free, without applying for a student coupon. So that's exactly what I need right now. To migrate my private repositories

Hello World!

puts 'Hello World!' echo 'Hello World'; System.out.println("Hello World!");"Hello World!"); This seems like a really nice environment. Not fond of the database backend, but we'll see how this compares to my previous content files in a git repository approach. One advantage is the editor (especially for mobile postings). It is nicer than having to git push



Ich habe mich ein wenig an Pixel-Art versucht um meine Begegnung mit der Glas-Dunstabzugshaube künstlerisch aufzuarbeiten.

bp #1

Für alle, die sich fragen, was ich gerade so mache: Ich male diese lustigen Matrix-Visualisierungen für mein Bachelor-Projekt, in dem es um Diskurs-Visualisierung anhand konzeptueller Rekurrenz geht.